Residential Design

Ready For A New Landscape Design? Need ideas for your front & back yard?   Lombardo Landscaping is known for their creative and artistic designs, and the ability to turn your wishes and dreams into a reality. It can be as simple as adding a few [...]

Residential Design2017-06-22T02:27:14-04:00

Architectural Design

Ready For A New Landscape Design? Something That Is Customized Just For Your Yard?   Some people often wonder what the difference is between a landscape design verses an architectural landscape design. The simple answer to that is that in order to call a design an “Architectural Landscape design” it [...]

Architectural Design2017-06-22T02:28:41-04:00

Commercial Design

Why Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance is important for a Commercial Property   If you want to draw customers to your business or create value in a residential community, it’s important to have the entrance to your community or the exterior grounds of your business looking beautiful and well-maintained. Commercial managers [...]

Commercial Design2017-06-22T02:27:53-04:00

Why a Consultation?   In designing a landscape or an outdoor living area, it is important that we design according to your lifestyle, personality, and desires. Designing a landscape or outdoor living area is an art, and without knowing what colors we have to work with and the canvas in [...]


Outdoor Kitchen Design

Need some inspiration for an outdoor kitchen? Searching for designs, photos, and ideas to help you create the perfect environment? With so many choices on the market today, it's easy to get analysis paralysis when trying to select an outdoor kitchen that's not [...]

Outdoor Kitchen Design2018-03-22T16:53:33-04:00
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