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Experience the pinnacle of design and development with a BioNova Natural Pool and build a truly unique outdoor space.

BioNova® Natural Pools are the ultimate outdoor luxury experience and showpiece. Through considerable scientific development BioNova natural pools & ponds allow for environmental sustainability, harmony with nature, and very low energy consumption while offering unique and elegant designs as well as traditional and formal designs for a healthy, safe, and chemical-free swimming experience.

A great, knowledgeable team of professionals – partners and subcontractors – helped to create our ‘part one’ water garden portion of our natural swimming pool. We are looking forward to adding the swimming pool portion in the future to complete the project and swim in healthy, chemical free, living water!

Cathy Whitman-Ingham


BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools (a.k.a Natural Swimming Ponds or NSPs) are completely chemical-free, eco-friendly, and healthful for swimmers and the environment. The water in a Natural Swimming Pool is purified the same way that Mother Nature intended – with aquatic plants, beneficial bacteria, and helpful microbes.

This natural biological filtration allows for greater environmental sustainability and very low energy consumption while creating beautiful, unique and fun designs for a healthy, chemical-free swimming experience.


BioNova® provides extensive experience in NSP design and construction, having practiced in Europe for over 25 years and with a proven track record of installations on 5 continents. Coupled with over 30 years of experience in the traditional pool industry, BioNova® is the clear leader in Natural Swimming Pools in North America, with more installations than all other systems providers combined!


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We hope you will appreciate these organic watershapes as much as we do – for being completely chemical-free, for their ecological sensitivity and low carbon footprint, for their pure, healthy bathing water and their nearly endless design possibilities.

Certifications and Awards: USGBC, ASLA, APLD, APSP, Genesis 3