Ready For A New Landscape Design? Something That Is Customized Just For Your Yard?


Some people often wonder what the difference is between a landscape design verses an architectural landscape design. The simple answer to that is that in order to call a design an “Architectural Landscape design” it must be prepared by a licensed landscape architect.

Typically a landscape design prepared by a licensed landscaping architect is going to have more detail in regards to the plants, specifications, and any codes in which must be met. Depending on the region in which the design is prepared the architect must design the landscape in a way which meets all codes and building standards and is responsible to know what they are. A landscape design can be prepared by a landscape professional who has not obtained an architectural license and where government approval is not required, this type of plan can be fine. To become a Landscape architect can take 4-5 years of formal education at an undergraduate level and an additional 2-3 years at a graduate level.